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Annelise Mecca is an independent American-Italian documentary producer and photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. The focus of her work began with travel photography in the US and Europe. It evolved into human rights and migration-centered work as she completed a Master in International Development Studies from the University of Amsterdam, and found herself heavily involved in and inspired by the current refugee crisis. Work and study brought her through Europe and the Middle East, where she captured both the hardship and beauty of displacement, and the aftermath of war. Most recently, she has produced a documentary film called Mediha, which has won 10 Grand Jury awards on a festival tour spanning 2024. She partners with organizations in refugee camps worldwide on communications campaigns. She has also worked for CNN, History Channel, Discovery, National Geographic Society, PBS, and the E.W. Scripps Foundation. 


Annelise is a member of Overseas Press Club, New York.

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